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Rainbow Readers, a Caribbean Reading Series, offers to students of the Primary school a wide selection of enjoyable, interesting and stimulating reading material designed to motivate children to read.

The main objectives of this series are to enable students to acquire and apply the essential reading skills in the mechanics of reading, comprehension and vocabulary development, and to derive pleasure in reading.

The material provided in this series includes fables, folk tales, familiar incidents, factual and literary pieces, both prose and poetry, all appropriate, meaningful and value oriented.

Rainbow Readers A Caribbean Reading Series

Infant Year 1 Reader 1 - Family and Friends Infant Year 1 Workbook 1
Infant Year 1 Reader 2 - Fun in the Holidays Infant Year 1 Workbook 2
Infant Year 2 Reader 1 - Work and Play Infant Year 2 Workbook 1
Infant Year 2 Reader 2 - Around and About Infant Year 2 Workbook 2

Reader Bk1 Reader Bk2 Reader Bk3 Reader Bk4 Reader Bk5
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